Against the Grain

Against the Grain
Jonathan Chong
3'23'' · stop·motion · colour
2011 | Australia
Punto y Raya Junior 2012


This is the official music clip for Hudson's song, a stop·motion kaleidoscopic fun.

A vibrant and colorful clip based around a mainstay from our humble artistic efforts throughout childhood. Made with colored pencils.

Jonathan Chong
Jonathan Chong _Dropbear

Melbourne, Australia

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Emerging from the eucalyptus forests of Australia some 40,000 years ago, the carnivorous koala has been dropping visuals and amusing crowds with his entertaining pixel pushing throughout the country and other lands.
VJ Dropbear has a knack with quirky animations, brilliantly conceived motion graphics, abstract video and spontaneously jaw dropping visuals.

Lives in Australia.   +info