Steven Subotnick
2'00" · drawing · colour
2011 | Providence·UT, USA
Punto y Raya Junior 2012


BOY is one in a series of short animations made in a very short time. BOY was made in just over one week. My aim with these animations is to work as quickly as possible and to explore a single idea in each film.

The artwork consisted of just one sheet of paper covered with letters drawn with ink and a stick.

The animation was made entirely in AfterEffects.

The voice, spoken by Joel Frenzer, was recorded in one take.

Steven Subotnick
Steven Subotnick

1956 | San Francisco·CA, USA

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From my earliest years, I have loved painting, history, folklore, languages, and nature. Through animation I found a way to embrace them all. My work uses varied imagery – from cartoon to pure textural abstraction, unusual editing techniques, and carefully structured sound design to make human vulnerability, conflict, and history concrete and to convey a deeply personal aesthetic experience to viewers. 

My filmmaking has explored non-objective imagery, stories with unusual characters, and animation based on actual historical events. While covering a wide territory of content, I have tried to create a more precise “language” of animation forms.

Lives in Providence·RI, USA.   +info