Caleb Wood
1'23'' · drawing · b&w
2011 | Grand Rapids·MI, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


This animation illustrates perfectly Caleb Wood's spirit, his constant exploration of the synergy between opposite forces in nature. Meditating on duality provides him a constant tension between opposing forces, while maintaining a natural balance in the process.

Created with the use of Kalimba, alto recorder, and vocals.

Caleb Wood
Caleb Wood

1988 | Vale·OR, USA

Caleb Davis Wood is one of three sons in a family of five, in addition to a dog and cat. He was raised throughout the midwest, great plains to the great lakes. All of the three sons have found joy in the arts. Caleb's main interest is in animation, the art of creating magic. It allows him to create collective experiences that reveal the truths of his own imagination and play. He is most happy when creating life out of marks on paper, when the act of drawing becomes the same as breathing.

He is drawn to the ideas of opposites in nature, and constantly organizes his world around the ideas of duality. Meditating on duality provides a constant tension between opposing forces while maintaining a natural balance in his process.

He is currently finishing his last semester at the Rhode Island School of Design.
One day he hopes to have a dog of his own.

Lives in USA.   +info