Matthew Laznicka
1'00" · stop·motion · colour
2009 | USA
Punto y Raya Junior 2012


I was showing my son the principles of stop-motion on the kitchen table. I took Legos and applied patterns and choreography to try and explain the process.

His eyes just lit up when he saw what we did in a few hours.

Matthew Laznicka
Matthew Laznicka

Racine·WI, USA

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From childhood, Matthew he always found solace in drawing and painting the images inspired by science-fiction, movies, and comic books. After high school, he attended The Milwaukee Institute for Art & Design, where he received a degree in illustration.
When not illustrating, he enjoys spending time with family, camping, old movies, and stop-animation. Clients include: Edios, Human Head, Telos Publishing, Seattle Sound Magazine, Weekly Reader, Carlton Books, Z-Man Games, Madison Magazine, FHM Magazine, Volvo.

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