Pedro Sanoja
1'10'' · stop·motion · colour
2010 | Barcelona, Spain
Punto y Raya Junior 2012


I write. So the story and the video begin. This abstract stop-motion animation builds up an audiovisual analogy of the complex poem "The Graphograph", by Salvador Elizondo (Mexico, 1932-2006).

Each frame was composed by hand and photographed; then imported to some video editing software.

The song's title is "Savoy Blues".

Pedro Sanoja
Pedro Sanoja _Pangramas


He studied System Engeneering in Merida (Venezuela), where he started his career as a visual artist. He opened his own study, where he developed his criteria and experimented in other areas like typography and videomaking for over four years. His geometric and elaborated style earned him the support of some local artists and collectives.
In 2009 he moves to Barcelona (Spain), where he studies Motion Graphics under great designers, filmmakers and artists, learning about the grammar of moving computer-generated images. After consolidating his own language, he worked for various production companies, took part in some exhibits and met many artists and critics.

Lives in Spain.   +info