ABIOTISMUS 3 / Materie #1

ABIOTISMUS 3 / Materie #1
Simona Koch
2'45'' drawing colour
2014 | Germany
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Abiotic comes from the Greek and means “without life”. There are things in the world that are said to not be living and yet they are in motion, can store information and are crucial building blocks for the bodies of living creatures. In societies with an animistic view of the world, things such as stones, water, crystals are believed to have certain powers, capabilities and even a soul.

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Simona Koch
Simona Koch


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The German artist Simona Koch is fascinated by the varieties of the living. Where does life come from and where does it go. How are beings connected to each other and what part do humans play in this stetting …?

After finishing her diploma in graphic design Koch studied free arts (Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg, Germany – 2007 as masterclass pupil). Her multi medial work is shown national and internationally. She received several prices and grants – among others the 6 month travel grant of the Bavarian ministry of education and cultural affairs which enabled the project ORGANISM 4 / Fungi (http://organism4.en-bloc.de) in 2009. As well as the Bavarian Kunstförderpreis for visual arts (2012). In 2012 also her book “ORGANISMS” was published at Verlag für moderne Kunst.

Lives in Germany.   +info