Chris Hoffmann
3'45'' cgi colour
2015 | Germany | Romania
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Music video for Error Broadcast Artist CLINK.

This video is the result of experimenting with the Idea of infected Geometry.

The initial Geometry is fed into a custom Solver which spits out the infected Geometry the infections spreads and eventually ends in a completely infected ball of tissue , morphing from a very technical synthetic aesthetic into a organic mass.

The use of false colors and very unpolished look is intentional, as this is supposed to be more of a documentation of an event then a staged narrative.

This is an ongoing series.

Chris Hoffmann
Chris Hoffmann
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I currently work as a 3D Artist at Berlin based Studio Zeitguised.

I'm a total nerd for all things nature, animals, plants and the systems they are "build" on. Also new CG tools (especially Sidefx Houdini at this very moment), technology, forward thinking design and music. Futuristic visions, Japanese culture, simplistic mascots, my tiny holy birman cat "Pommes", animated movies, ancient myths and food keep me excited too.

In my own personal work I'm interested in applying natural systems to create new visual algorithms and growing ecosystems without ever emulating nature. My main goal is trying to build systems and documenting the results, rather than staging a narrative.

But I can't deny that once in a while I just like to give birth to little characters or just jam visually. I document these experiments on my Laboratory Blog.

Lives in Berlin, Germany.   +info