Mushroom Tea

Mushroom Tea
Max Martin
1'51'' · stop·motion · colour
2011 | Brighton, UK
Punto y Raya Junior 2012


A trippy stop-motion music video featuring nothing but bright colours, flowing movement and surreal patterns.

With this animation I wanted to go back to my roots a bit and just play around with fun movements and morphs with plasticine shapes and figures. While playing around with lighting I discovered that if you place objects on a light box and rig another set of lights to shine on them from above then you get a really nice, crisp and colourful result.

So I used a vertical tripod with a Cannon 450D to look down onto the light box. Then I just played around with the plasticine and animated whatever movements came into my head. This was also my first time using Dragon Stop Motion, which is now my software of choice for any stop motion animation.

The song is called "Mushroom Tea".

Max Martin
Max Martin

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Max is a creative stop-motion animator and director based in London and Bristol. He creates his animations using a variety of techniques, chosen based on their effectiveness and suitability for the individual animation project (from music video to motion-graphics advertizing; from personal projects to commercial work), the available time and budget (animation is a labur-intensive process), and their creative potential.

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