Somewhere Between Something and Nothing

Somewhere Between Something and Nothing
Paul O'Donoghue
5'38'' video comp. cameraless colour
2015 | Dublin, Ireland
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Rhythmic Visual music constructed from audio visual fragments created with analog technologies. With a gradual increase in complexity from a simplistic beginning in which the audio visual relationship is quite apparent, it transforms into an audio visual collage where this connection, although always present, is more difficult to discern.

Each visual element is represented in the audio mix by the sound that created it, what you hear is what you see, the soundtrack being essentially a video edit.

The sound created the visuals using voltage controlled video synthesis.

Video fragments of the orignal recording were then rearranged and composited to create the soundtrack.

Paul O'Donoghue
Paul O'Donoghue _Ocusonic

1973 | Dublin, Ireland

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Paul O'Donoghue_Ocusonic, is an Irish composer/ audio visual artist based in Dublin. Ireland. He has released music under a number of pseudonyms for a variety of labels and produced music for television and radio. His audio visual work has screened internationally at more than 200 festivals in over 45 countries.

His current work is entirely audio visual and explores a disparate collection of methods and techniques for the creation of visual music. Underpinning all of these disciplines is Ocusonics, the real-time generation of synchronous audio and visual material.

Lives in Dublin, Ireland.   +info