Visual Music for ten voices

Visual Music for ten voices
Steven Woloshen
3'28'' video comp. colour
2011 | MontréalQC, Canada
Punto y Raya Festival 2011
Honorable Mention


In Barthes’ essay, “The Grain of the Voice”, the concept of the “genosong” was evoked to separate the sound of the voice from its language. "Visual Music for Ten Voices" distinguishes the physicality of the optical vocal track as having a unique identity from its actual resonance in sound films.

Designed as a 10-foot black box projection loop, this film focuses on the rhythm and materiality of ten 35mm optical soundtracks. Each musical passage maintains its original length and linear harmony with the other tracks, collectively creating a new sense of motion and repetition.

The film is silent.

Steven Woloshen
Steven Woloshen

MontréalQC, Canada

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Steven Woloshen has been passionately creating handmade abstract films and time-based installations for more than 30 years.

Woloshen has been a lecturer, Juror, technician, animator, craftsman and recently, the author of Recipes for Reconstruction, the filmmaker’s manual for decay, renewal and other handmade, analogue film techniques and Scratch, Crackle & Pop!

Lives in MontréalQC, Canada.   +info