Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Anton Flint
2'55'' · drawing · b&w
2016 | Wayland·NY, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Iterations is an abstract iterative loop with changing timeframes.  The first loop is 12 frames, the second is 48 and the third is 96.  Shapes and lines overlap and affect each other across these loops, culminating in an 8-second loop that retains the flowing qualities associated with straight-ahead full animation with a complexity of movement impossible to achieve through a standard straight-ahead technique. 

The piece was inspired by the work and techniques of Adam K. Beckett, an undisputed master of optical printing whose works ('Sausage City', 'Dear Janice') utilize single iterative loops.  

The process for animation was straight ahead from the first frame to the last, working on a single layer (adding to and erasing from the previous loops).  Later animation partially destroys earlier sequences, and the final images are so complex that individual objects and lines can no longer be completely followed.

The music track for Iterations was developed and performed by the animator and musician Anton Flint of Hornell·NY.

Jeremy Speed Schwartz
Jeremy Speed Schwartz
> Director

Los Angeles·CA, USA

Jeremy Speed Schwartz is a graduate of the Experimental Animation program at The California Institute of the Arts.  

His animation work spans experimental stop-motion, hand-drawn and programatic techniques.  As a founding member of the art collective The League of Imaginary Scientists, Jeremy has created interactive installations all over the world, including the Letterkenny Cultural Center in Ireland, The Weitz Center for Creativity at Carleton College and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.  

He is a member of the board of directors for The iotaCenter, an organization dedicated to the preservation and distribution of abstract film and experimental animation.  

Jeremy is a professor of Digital Media and Animation at Alfred State College in upstate New York.  

Lives in Wayland·NY, USA.   +info

Anton Flint
Anton Flint
> Soundtrack Composer

Hornell·NY, USA

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Anton has been performing for 28 years in the Upstate NY area and has over 1000 performances in his musical career with many different bands and musician line-ups. 

His true element of entertaining is as a solo acoustic guitar player/singer. He plays a wide variety of artists and styles as well as some of his own music.

Lives in USA.   +info