Eva Granados
4'26'' cgi colour
2011 | Cáceres, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


We composed a non-narrative audiovisual piece using basic geometric forms, color and sound.

We eventually added more complex elements and faster rhythms along the timeline, creating new shades and textures to generate various sensations.

We're not trying to tell a story; we want to provoque various perception experiences, where sound and image interact on a sensory level.

The animation was created using Quartz Composer mixed with VDMX and recorded in real time to the music of Fernando Lagreca.

A kind of dancy, simple and synthetic track; with a dry sound as to its beat, and warm as to its melody.

Eva Granados
Eva Granados _outside bonus

1972 | Cáceres, Spain

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Outside bonus is launched in 2008 by Abigail Narváez and Eva Granados.
Summarized CV: SmartChicBox, electronic jam session. Smart Urban Stage. Madrid. November 2010
IN PULSE Audiovisual Festival. Cáceres 2016. Organization and participation as performers. July 2010
Visuals for GOA on Tour. Club Dreammers. Marbella. Málaga. July 2010
Laptopsurus vj meeting. Matadero. Madrid. June 2010
Plan T. Calle Foro Sur. Urban space intervention at c. Parras. Cáceres. April 2010
Visual+audio Party. Belleartes space of art and action. Cáceres. December 2009
Urban Screens 09. Visuals at Vjspain Arena, Plaza de San Mateo. Cáceres. October 2009
Diversia 09. Visuals and wall painting at the Facultad de Filosofía y Letras. Cáceres. October 2009
Performance at the Laptopsrus Vj meeting. Electronic creation. Plaza de San Jorge. Cáceres. July 2009
Fieras en la Ciudad. Calle Foro Sur. Urban space intervention on the house fronts circling Plaza de San Juan. Cáceres. April 2009

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