Into the light: Film Resistance

Into the light: Film Resistance
Madeleine Piller
3'45'' · cameraless · colour
2016 | Toronto·ON, Canada
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Biomorphic shapes at play in this film reiterate and expose the persistence of vision, frame flickering and illusions. The random cycling images question who is the projector and who is the projectionist, while light forms the sound frequencies.

The images have been collected over the last 10 years, constructed from mushroom spore prints, directly printed on to 35mm film,  then optically printed in black and white. Ultimately, the prints were colored by hand painting on the film material. The result was scanned in order to be composed onto the final short video. 

The sound was made during a film performance with the deconstructed film elements shown through an overhead projector in Vienna on March 2016. A remix of the live sound recorded during the performance was kept and now constitutes the audio for the composite image.

Madeleine Piller
Madeleine Piller _Madi
> Director

Lima, Peru

Madi Piller is a filmmaker, animator, programmer and independent curator currently living and working in Toronto, Canada.

Her abstract, nonrepresentational images are drawn from film explorations in Super 8, 16mm and 35mm, as well as photography and video.

The resulting imagery is strongly influenced by diverse animation techniques and styles.

Lives in Toronto·ON, Canada.   +info