Ballad of the Respirocyte

Ballad of the Respirocyte
Fermín Cimadevilla
5'05'' · video comp. · colour
2010 | Barcelona, Spain | Caracas, Venezuela | Reykjavik, Iceland
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


The respirocytes are supposed to be artificial blood cells created with nanotechnology. They’re capable of carrying up to ten times more oxygen than an ordinary cell. Athletes could highly benefit from them. For example, a swimmer could stay underwater for about 15 minutes without the need to go up for air. On the other hand, the oxidation process in the athlete’s body speeds up, accelerating the aging process and altering life’s natural rhythm irreversibly.

Shot in 35mm. on a nice evening in Caracas.
Created on a contemplative afternoon in Barcelona.
Edited without post-production effects in a cold winter month in Reyjkavík.

"Ballad of the Respirocyte" is featured in Wyz Borrero's EP "Nanolution".

Fermín Cimadevilla
Fermín Cimadevilla _nomeno

1972 | CABA, Argentina

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Visual communication at UCAB, Caracas (Venezuela).
Strategic planning at the Ramón Llull University, Barcelona (Spain).
From Asturian mother and father. He's from Buenos Aires because he's got no choice, but Caribbean by conviction.

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