Gabbie Li
1'49'' · drawing · colour
2010 | Boston·MA, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2011


"Relief" is a short compilation of drawn and stop-motion animation that focuses on light.
The subtleties of this subject are achieved through the use of oil, water, newsprint, glass, and a backlight. These transparent, pliant materials allow for fluid motions portraying light's gentle yet erratic nature.

The soundtrack is derived from recorded sound intended to provide both a calm yet unsettled atmosphere.

Gabbie Li
Gabbie Li

1991 | Newton·MA, USA

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Gabbie Li is an animation student at the Massachusett's College of Art and Design in her Sophomore year. Her work tends to deal with abstractions of light, movement, and both fluid and geometric shapes, which she also translates through glassblowing, printmaking, and painting.

Lives in Boston·NY, USA.   +info