Una Coreografía de Agentes Autónomos

Una Coreografía de Agentes Autónomos
An Autonomous Agent Choreo
Toni Mitjanit
7'11'' · cgi · video comp. · colour
2016 | Manacor, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

AAAC (An Autonomous Agents Choreo ) is an abstract generative animation created through code and user interaction, where a flock of autonomous agents governed by physical laws of attraction-repulsion, is subjected to the will of a geometric choreography.

Throughout the audiovisual piece, the flock of autonomous agents is distributed against nature into different geometric patterns, which vary the overall perception of colour, shape, texture and rhythm.

The code ruling the behaviour of the agent's flock has been developed using Processing as the programming language.

The soundtrack is a generative audio work created through code and user interaction, where the motion and jittering of the autonomous agents's generate their own musical score.

The physical properties of the agents (velocity, acceleration and position in space), as well as the forces generated by the vectorial field that shakes them, are some of the parameters used in the audio synthesis.

The generative instruments and sinusoidal waves used for the interpretation of the soundspace, their frequencies and rhythms, change according to the geometrical pattern adopted by the agents' flock.

The code ruling the flock's behaviour and the disrupting vectorial field sends messages through the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol to a code developed using Chuck as the programming language, for realtime sound synthesis and the music creation of the soundspace.

Toni Mitjanit
Toni Mitjanit

Manacor, Spain

Toni Mitjanit is an audiovisual creator in the area of generative design and animation. He explores new audiovisual expressive ways through creative coding using data visualization, human/machine interaction, autonomous agents and randomness.

His works are focused on the creation of amazing animations, graphics and sound through creative coding. All his audiovisual creations are produced by coding in different programming languages (Processing, Java, C++, SuperCollider, ChucK).

Lives in Manacor, Spain.   +info