RGB Colour Model

RGB Colour Model
Blanca Rego Constela
5'00'' cgi colour
2016 | Barcelona, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2016
First Prize

WARNING: This film contains flashing images.

Digital animation based on the additive synthesis RGB (red-green-blue) colour model—the primary colours of light. The shapes move and overlap in a constant flicker that generates complementary colours and entoptic phenomena, assaulting the eyeballs and assassinating the normative consciousness of the viewer.

A piece that does not happen only on the screen, but in our neurons.

The soundtrack are the film frames themselves saved as audio files, using a data bending process inspired by the optical sound experiments by filmmakers such as Norman McLaren, Lis Rhodes, Guy Sherwin, etc. What you see is exactly the same that what you hear.

Blanca Rego Constela
Blanca Rego Constela __blank

1974 | Barcelona, Spain

Fascinated by cinema since childhood, in 1993 she moves to Barcelona to study Film Direction. Soon she departs from classical narratives and starts experimenting with non-traditional structures. After her films studies, she studies animation and multimedia.

Her work focuses on the relationship between image and sound, with a clear influence of experimental cinema and electronic music. Currently, she combines the creation of video pieces with live audio-visual performances. It is also worth noting her work as a researcher, which includes regular collaborations as a writer and translator with several media and institutions.

Her works have been screened at many video-art and experimental film festivals in Europe and America—such as the Festival du Film Espagnol de Toulouse (France) or Experiments in Cinema (Albuquerque, USA)—as well as in museums, art centres and art galleries, such as the Espacio Fundación Telefónica (Madrid, Spain), the CA2M (Móstoles, Spain), the CCCB (Barcelona, Spain), the MARCO (Vigo, Spain), etc.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.   +info