Cycles 720

Cycles 720
Craig Ritchie Allan
2'32'' cgi colour
2013 | Glasgow, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Cycles 720 is an hybrid visual/audio sequencer. Sound and Graphics are generated and recorded in real-time.

Sound and vision are created simultaneously. Each graphical interaction creates the sound: Circle/Line interactions trigger percussion: rhythm and swing are dictated by the size, number of circles, their degree of separation, orientation and elasticity of each collision.

Craig Ritchie Allan
Craig Ritchie Allan _Numbercult

1971 | Glasgow, UK

Under the banner of Numbercult, Craig Ritchie Allan is an audiovisual artist who explores communication between abstract sound and visual worlds using real-time audiovisual installations, interactive digital sculptures, and live performances.

Lives in Glasgow, UK.   +info