Arnav Sameer
0'57'' drawing b&w
2015 | Gandhinagar, India
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

This animation is an inquiry into how movement is perceived, a study in motion and movement that is both induced physically and metaphysically.

The protagonist being a liquid drop which moves along spaces. It is done using an old style technique of using tracing paper for each frame and sketching each and every frame by hand.

The sound has been muted deliberately so as to focus the viewer's attention on perceiving the movement.

Arnav Sameer
> Director

1991 | Kanpur, India

A student of new media at the National Institute of Design and a computer science graduate from the National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur. Arnav's work experience encompasses a broad range of disciplines from developing animated illustrations for kids, composing music for videos & short films to designing multi-platform user experiences for digital products and services. 

With a keen focus on user interaction & experience design, Arnav aims to simplify seemingly complex tasks through thoughtful information architecture & unified visual experiences in modern software applications.

Lives in Gandhinagar, India.   +info