Vagina Cosmica

Vagina Cosmica
Cosmic Vagina
Luca Pertegato
4'50'' video comp. b&w
2009 | Milan, Italy
Punto y Raya Festival 2016
Second Prize

Vagina cosmica is an induced lucid dream
a visual and auditory stimulus
a short, immersive and synaesthetic trip
in an ancestral dimension.

Video: Luca Pertegato (xo00)
Audio: Fabio Volpi (Dies_)

Production: otolab, 2009

Black Cosmic Garden is a single sound tunnel constituted by a drone which materialises and fragments into metallic noise and feedback.

Luca Pertegato
Luca Pertegato _xo00
> Director

Milano, Italy

Luca Pertegato (a.k.a. xo00), grafico, illustratore, pittore, incisore, audiovisual performer da sempre appassionato di sonorità elettroniche e del rapporto sinestesico tra suoni, immagini e luce.
Nel 2001 è co-fondatore del collettivo di sperimentazione audiovisiva otolab, dove inizia un percorso di ricerca nel campo della Performance Audiovisiva, partecipando alla realizzazione di numerosi live: Quartetto.swf (vincitore del primo premio a Netmage nel 2002), Ethereal Sound System (2003), Duetto.swf (2003), Stare_Mesto (2003), Polystatic (2004), Hemline (2004), Nuke Belly Button (2006), Op7 (2006), Circo Ipnotico (2006), Barrio Gotico (2006), Phantastica (Delysid Trio) (2007), Giardini Neri (2008), Shadowplay (2008), Sole Prismatico (2010), Phantasmata (in collaborazione con Xname, 2010), Megatsunami (2011), Derelicta (2012), Dystopia (2014)
Micropoint (2015) e Syn (2016) .

Lives in Milano, Italy.   +info

> Soundtrack Composer


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Otolab was founded in 2001 in Milan by an affinity group of musicians, djs, vjs, videoartists, videomakers, web designers, graphic designers and architects joined to go through a common path in the field of the electronic music and audiovisual research. 

The projects are developed through lab sessions, seminars and live performance according to the principles of brainstorming and mutual support, free circulation of knowledge and experimentation. 
The production includes collective and individual projects managed with languages ranging from experimental electronics to techno, dub and industrial sonorities, always looking for a symbiotic relationship with image and video.

Otolab is a cultural association committed to create live media and installations and to carry out audio and audiovisual projects, seminars and workshops. 

In these years, Otolab members have been welcomed to festivals, cultural events, museums, national and international galleries and have contributed to the realization of self-managed cultural initiatives.

Lives in Milano, Italy.   +info