Elogio del viento

Elogio del viento
Wind's Praise
Chuso Ordi
4'58'' drawing cameraless b&w
2016 | Barcelona, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Elogio del viento is a super-8 piece created using various manipulation techniques on blank filmstrip and polyester sheets, printed and cut in order to run through the projector.

Through randomness and errors in the reproduction techniques, I seek to convey certain tension between the fast image and the music using simple graphic elements.

The soundtrack comprises four tracks: a bass track and three tracks of electric guitar drumming. There is also an added track with the sound of the super-8 projector.

Chuso Ordi
Chuso Ordi
> Director

1968 | Barcelona, Spain

BA in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (1992)
Awarded the El Paular grant (Segovia, 1992)

His graphic and audiovisual works has been exhibited at various venues in Spain.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.   +info