Stephanie Porter
7'07'' · video comp. · colour
2016 | Vancouver·BC, Canada
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

SFU 3rd Year Film 
Food colouring droplets move as a result of a process called ‘artificial chemotaxis.'
Droplets explores a branch of experimental film concentrating on Reception Theory. 
With the theory having three primary clauses:
1) Something can be told in more than one way  
2) Something can have more than one meaning  
3) There will always be problems interpreting meaning, no matter how natural the delivery of it

The film is divided into chapters which are meant to evoke different emotions in the viewer. What the viewers experience, is up to them. 

Music by 20 year old songwriter and producer Molochsoundcloud[dotcom]/molochmoloch


Stephanie Porter
Stephanie Porter _Shot By Steph
> Director

Vancouver·BC, Canada

4th year film student in Vancouver, Canada.

Lives in Vancouver·BC, Canada.   +info

> Soundtrack Composer

Vancouver·BC, Canada

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Songwriter and Producer.

My mind is pure machinery.
My blood is running money.
My fingers are ten armies.
My ear is a smoking tomb.

Lives in Canada.   +info