Audiocromático: Afilado y Difuso

Audiocromático: Afilado y Difuso
Audiochromatic: Sharp & Difuse
Iñigo Sordo Ansorena
5'27'' · cgi · video comp. · colour
2005 | Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2009


Audiocromático is a piece created in December 2005 with the collaboration of various independent artists. It builds up a trip through the spectator’s perception and de-codification. It consists of two parts: Sharp (cold colors and sharp geometry, winding music) and Diffuse (warm colors, soft and slow-moving geometry, ambient music). The visuals were made using a computer. It features geometric glitches and polygonal 3D deformations in Maya. The material was cut and edited based on the soundtrack. Sharp has over 260 cuts in one two-minute segment.

Iñigo Sordo Ansorena
Iñigo Sordo Ansorena

1984 | Santander, Spain

Iñigo Sordo, audiovisual engineer and independent artist. After studying a Digital Cinema and Visual Engineering, he creates a series of audiovisual projects comprising a broad spectrum of representation techniques (real-life footage, SD, HD, 2D, 3D, Stop-Motion, etc).
Co-founder of Siete Bandas and co-director of "La Historia Animada de Talarrubias", a 3D animation project for the Junta de Extremadura.
He currently works for RTVE as an Image Control Engineer and develops video-art and life-performance projects.

Lives in Spain.   +info