Jasmijn Cedée
Maarten Westers
6'23'' · drawing · colour
2016 | Ghent, Belgium
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Taking a detour. Leaving your familiar world. Where do you go? What do you see? How do you feel?

In this film you'll take on a musical journey and will go through a miraculous experience.

Detour is an abstract short film about fleeing in any sort of way, with an experimental point of view.

Detour was made in tight collaboration with the composer.

Image and sound files have been exchanged during the whole process in order to come to a strong finished piece.

Jasmijn Cedée
Jasmijn Cedée
> Director

Bemmel, Netherlands

Jasmijn Cedée studied Camera at the Nederlandse Film Televisie Academie.

She then began studying animation at KASK, the Arts School in Ghent, Belgium. Handcrafted authentic figurative images, abstract images, and strong emotions are the main ingredients of her animations. Music has also become a very important factor in her work.

Lives in Merelbeke, Belgium.   +info

Maarten Westers
Maarten Westers
> Soundtrack Composer

1983 | Groningen, Netherlands

He studies Music Theory at the Conservatorium in Ghent.

Lives in Netherlands.   +info