Joe Stevens
2'16'' cgi colour
2009 | Weymouth, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2009


This work involves images that are generated using computer code, which randomly places preconceived sets of images into the picture frame, depending on a set of rules I devise. This then creates experimental abstractions that fuse technology with the visual arts.

In this work I explore the power of abstract shape through meticulous geometry, working with form, colour and graphic shapes to create work that takes the classic ‘St Ives’ abstraction look into a moving contemporary visual form. The abstract imagery is supported by an atmospheric soundtrack.

With these works I’m also interested in producing an equally compelling soundtrack. As sound artist I work with field recordings and piezoelectric microphones. The sounds that I like are accidents, which are not made specifically to be recorded.

I think a lot of sounds you just hear in the world are very beautiful or very interesting; but we usually don’t notice them because we are busy doing things.

Joe Stevens
Joe Stevens

1961 | London, UK

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I am a digital artist, programmer, and designer based in the south west of the UK. My animation work explores light, colour and form to create generative animation built from simple rulesets. Informed by a range of influences from the constructivists through the pop art movement and inspired by the St Ives school of paintings, making generative constructions that uniquely regenerate themselves.
I have been involved in variety of art/educational projects and I’m committed to a local, socially engaged practice, which seeks to give communities a voice.