mixolydian mantra

mixolydian mantra
Motion Haikus
5'26'' · cgi · stop·motion · colour
2015 | Barcelona, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Images by photographer Carmen Escudero, part of her collection Espejos de agua (Water mirrors), are projected via openGL on various surfaces to slowly increase the level of abstraction.

We will find the climax once these surfaces develop irregular tessellations, where the content of each tesel is slightly differentiated from the surrounding ones...

It was created with specific software in Lua to communicate with the graphic card in openGL.

A single sequence of notes in mixolydio mode repeats itself as a mantra. Through subtle rhythmic variations we get the impression of movement in a sequence which, actually, is static.

The vehicle for the compositing is the Lua2SC software, created by the author to behave as a client for Supercollider, which will act as the sound generator. The generating modules in Supercollider (piano and virtual strings) were also created by the author in C++.

 Motion Haikus
Motion Haikus
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Creative duo comprised of Carmen Escudero and Victor Bombi.

Based in Barcelona, Spain.   +info