Mariano Mendes Silva
1'27'' cgi video comp. drawing colour
2016 | CABA, Argentina
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

Music and image were conceived simultaneously.  The song was composed according to the shapes which would illustrate it.

The forms arise and morph according to the notes and chords.

It was drawn chronologically in two months time, and it was then animated frame by frame on top of the pre-recorded soundtrack.


The soundtrack was originally composed for Spanish guitar, and so it was recorded.

Arrangements and effects were added later using software and MIDI instruments.

Mariano Mendes Silva
Mariano Mendes Silva
> Director

CABA, Argentina

He studied Communication Sciences and Multimedia Design.

He is a self-taught independent musican and producer.

He's currently broadening his knowledge on traditional 2D animation and digital animation.


Lives in CABA, Argentina.   +info