Variations (in black and white)

Variations (in black and white)
Dennis H. Miller
7'45'' · cgi · video comp. · b&w
2015 | Wellesley·MA, USA
Punto y Raya Festival 2016

variations (2015) is a set of short sketches, each loosely derived from the opening sequence.

The work simulates mechanical-drawing techniques to generate the base imagery, which is then processed in various ways.

The music, also by this author, adds an affective element to the work.

Dennis H. Miller
Dennis H. Miller

1951 | Lexington·KY, USA

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Dennis H. Miller is a composer and animator whose works illustrate principles of music composition applied to the visual domain.

He is a professor at Northeastern University in Boston.

Lives in Wellesley·MA, USA.   +info