Sábado Noche en la Feria del Pueblo

Sábado Noche en la Feria del Pueblo
Saturday Night at the Town's Fair
Enrique Pińuel Martín
2'00'' ˇ video comp. ˇ cameraless ˇ colour
2009 | Madrid, Spain
Punto y Raya Festival 2009


Through digital manipulation, I transformed the images of an old American documentary about Coney Island into a festive milieu full of shapes and colors.

Visual and sound artist, who builds up his works through the appropriation and manipulation of existing files.


Enrique Pińuel Martín
Enrique Pińuel Martín

1978 | Salamanca, Spain

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Maker and recycler of audiovisual pieces, he fundamentally works in the non-fiction field and in the relationship between cinema and music, with works like "The dancer's cut", "Dreams" or "Who can kill a man?".

Lives in Spain.   +info