Colour Keys

Colour Keys
David Daniels
3'30'' cgi colour
2006 | London, UK
Punto y Raya Festival 2009
Honorable Mention


I've always wanted to play the piano, but I’m no good. This is the closest I can get. A graphic response to a piano composition by Jules Maxwell. Imagine your ears as eyes.

Born in Northern Ireland, Jules Maxwell is a songwriter and composer for dance, theatre, film, television and radio, who is best known as composer for the 1998 Oscar nominated short Dance Lexie Dance.

His composition work for dance theatre draws upon minimalism and is often recorded, incorporating strong melodic montages of sampled sound influenced by the work of Gavin Bryars. He lives in London.

David Daniels
David Daniels

1960 | London, UK

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BA and MA in Graphic Design. Graphic Designer and Animation Director represented by Tandem Films in London. Director of TV commercials for Honda cars, Nike, Nat West Bank, HSBC and Toyota, amongst others. Recent work includes design and animation of screen projections for the Led Zeppelin concert at the o2 in London.

Away from his commercial work, he develops graphic books and films dealing with the relationship of sound and image. He also lectures at the LCC in London on the PostGraduate MA in Moving Image; at the Norwich School of Art on the BA in Animation, and is also a visiting professor at The Algero School of Architecture and Design in Sardinia·Italy.

Lives in London, UK.   +info