Peter Muzak

Peter Muzak

Vienna, Austria.

Muzak was born in the seventies in the elevator of a department store in Pittsburgh.

He studied Conceptual Art, Film and Art, Painting and Printmaking in Vienna.
After school, he started drawing, painting and making films.

He is almost always collaborating with Karoline Riha under the name Muzak & Riha.
In 2005, together with Riha and Michael Wegerer he co-founded the Artist Collective Qubik.
In 2008, he co-founded the MuKaTo Project (a participative project researching moving imagery and sound) together with Riha and Thomas Renoldner, for which they received the Prize for Innovative Cultural Practice at the Austrian Outstanding Artist Award in 2015.

He works as an independent artist and filmmaker.

Lives in Vienna, Austria.

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