Daniel Pitarch Fernández

Daniel Pitarch Fernández

1980 | Barcelona, Spain.

Teacher, researcher and musician. He's a professor at the Art & Design School of Tarragona (EADT) and a guest teacher at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). His research areas are the writings of Jean Epstein's, the cinematographic theories in interwar period, the early cinema period, experimental animation cinema and optical toys.

He's the director of L'art de la fuga (2009, awarded Second Prize at 2009 PyR Festival) and A la colònia penitenciària (2011, co-directed by Marcel Pié Barba).

He's also the half of Mamut Cinema, a music project focused on live cinema.

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

L'Art de la Fuga
PyR 2009
Junior 2012 Award Ceremony
PyR Junior 2012