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Dos Plus is the audio visual collaboration of  filmmaker/visual artist Eleni Ampelakiotou (TEENAGE RESPONSE, ICH BIN HIER, BIRTH OF A SPHINX,  LIGHTS ON/OFF) and the experimental improv Electric-Guitar-Duo William Bravo Duo. Together they perform multisensorial interferences between narrative abstract fiction and instant improvised compositions to create a visual and sonic resonating experience.

The William Bravo Duo explore the sound map of their diverse musical origins, clashing their influences from the free jazz improvised music scene with the deconstructive energy of the avant-garde progressive pop movement performing as an electrified experimental post free noise jazz guitar duo based in Berlin.

In their recent collaboration with filmmaker/visual artist Eleni Ampelakiotou, the musical energy resonates with visual experimental storytelling deconstructing narrative structures and clichés to a distinctive synaesthetic audiovisual experience. 

The soundtrack to the films is performed live as instant improv composition and varifies from performance to performance exploring the visuals as oscillating perfomative act.

Based in Berlin, Germany.

Is this tomorrow or just the end of time?
PyR 2016