Aleix Fernández Curell

Aleix Fernández Curell

1980 | Barcelona, Spain.

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Aleix Fernández is a creative director at Onionlab Motion Graphic and Interactivity Studio. His commercial works include clients like Audi, Seat, Mango, ABC (American Broadcasting Company), Red Bull, Ikea and Ericsson.
His experimental works include his audiovisual performance “Imaginary Soundtracks”, premiered at Sonar 06, published on the 2006 ADC*E (Art Directors Club Europa) and awarded a LAUS prize; his music clip for the Slovenian producer Umek, number 1 on MTV Adria, and his participation in the “‘Optronica’: Hybridations sonores” exhibition at the Museum of Numerical Art Le Cube (Paris).

Lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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