Josť Santos

Josť Santos

1997 | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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José Santos is a young musician who started learning piano at the age of seven and was taught and mentored by the pianist Wally Borghoff. He played as the second piano and harpsichord in the Anima Cuore classical music group in Petrópolis, Brazil.

In 2011 he became part the art collective Altera, along with Daniel and Marcela Carvalho, where he composes and arranges the music.

Altera works with Dynamic Paintings (video) and Sequential Art (print) in a way that makes them intrinsically connected. They are currently developing a project on water dynamics. The Water project has generated so far three audiovisual works: Refluir, Outflow and Rheotaxis. Each work brings focus to different aspects of water dynamics and has already been selected for screening in international exhibitions.

Lives in Petrópolis, Brazil.
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