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Marcela Carvalho, Daniel Carvalho and José Santos are Altera art collective.

Altera works with Dynamic Paintings (video) and Sequential Art (print) in a way that makes them intrinsically connected. The Sequential Art brings to the viewer the nuances and details of the audiovisual work frozen in time.

Water dynamics is the central element of our art. We started from an extensive library of images, created over many years of field work. Our workflow begins creating highly variable imagery: computer-generated or live capture of chaotic natural phenomena. The primary sequences are then assembled into multilayers, revealing all the richness and complexity of the natural phenomena. Our printed images are derived from different audiovisual works. From reflection to refraction, to the organic shapes of river stones, we bring focus to the different kinds of colors, lines and shapes created by this natural process.

Our intention is to immerse the viewer in the abstract images, creating a unique sensorial experience.

Based in Petrópolis, Brazil.