Luigi Allemano

Luigi Allemano

Edmonton, Canada.

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Luigi Allemano is a Montreal-based animation filmmaker, composer and sound designer. Allemano's animation, music and sound design appear in more than fifty productions of the National Film Board of Canada, four of which have received Academy Award nominations.

Since 2009, Allemano has held full-time faculty appointments at Concordia University's Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema where he lectures on animation filmmaking, analog and digital animation techniques and sound for animation. Allemano's research interests include philosophy of improvisation in visual art and music, methodologies of pre-cinematic animation and contemporary approaches to visual music composition.

Lives in MontréalQC, Canada.

Improvisation No. 1: Cumulative Loops
PyR Academy 2015
Improvisation no.1: Cumulative Loops
PyR 2016