Crisopa is the music project by Santiago Lizón, a Madrid based artist who began his career in 2005, when all the influences of the time -including IDM, shoegaze and postrock- comprised a more coherent creative entity. Crisopa has developed in parallel to the Madrilean netlabel scene, releasing various reference material on plataforma-Itw (Bisagra EP), Persona-Isla (Filamentosa EP), Add-Sensor (Medicamentosa EP) and Escala (Last Membrane EP). Crisopa's electronic music has been described as dense, melodic and emotional. The guitar layers, pads, voices and intricate rhythms combine to frame a particular voyage from one soundscape to the next.


The year 2012 was key for the artist's international projection, when he signed for the prestigious American label n5MD. He released his first work titled Biodance on CD, which was described as a stellar example of how far one can take music experimentation whilst remaining harmonious and touching. In 2015 he released his second CD under the same label: A Lucid Dream Kit. This work follows the line set by Biodance, incorporating more current influences whilst staying true to its emotional and sound creed. Crisopa's music has been performed live at various international festivals such as Eyes Wide Open Shut (2009, Austria), MiRA (2012, Spain), Zymogen (2013, Ukraine).

Lives in Madrid, Spain.

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