Jordi Baldó

Jordi Baldó

1985 | Barcelona, Spain.

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Jordi Baldó aka VesperOn, sound artist based in Barcelona, focused on the field of analog sound synthesis in low resolution, using the sound chip of the 80's videogame systems, especially Nintendo GameBoy (DMG-01).
At present, he works and investigates two different lines, a more musical first (with techno and electro influences), in which he collaborates with the Barcelona's netlabel Lowtoy (, and a second one that is the sound of the audiovisual performance Hattlerizer 2.0 (, a liveset based on the projection and real-time creation of a purely synthetic, geometric and abstract animation piece by Max Hattler (

Lives in Lleida, Spain.

Hattlerizer 2.0
RVM · PyR 2014