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Angeles Casares_Miniröcke works as a multimedia artist producing video and electronic music. In 2005 she released her first EP "Treffen sich" with Elephant Pixel and in 2006, her debut solo EP "Wandern", both released by the Argentinean net label Igloo. Her video works were shown in various festivals and exhibits around the globe.
In 2006 she began collaborating with Porno For Laicos, first vjing during their shows and then as a producer jamming together in SAMC (South American Music Conference).
Further projects include the production of short films and music videos for artists like Ampec_Funzion and Elephant Pixel_Dilo. She's currently working on an online interactive game via streaming:, making music for Leandro Quinteros' photographs and collages books and covers for net labels such as Unfoundsound and Natural Media.

Lives in CABA, Argentina.

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