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Sebastián Iannizzotto


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Sebastián Iannizzotto _ Vj seBas discovered the electronic music in the late 80's and later jumped to Acid House and Jungle. As an Industrial Design student he started working with systems in CAD-3D and computer graphic design. He soon explored image-sound interfaces and thanks to the help of artists like Bad Boy Orange, Baliens, Urban Groove and others, he began developing his own technique and style.
After his first interventions at the Raves in Parque Sarmiento, came innumerable parties and visual designs for Garage parties, events at CC San Martín, Fundación Proa, and many more.
Since 2005 he lectures at Escuela Sónica and continues broadening his interests and fields of research and work.

Lives in CABA, Argentina.

Rondinone, Plez & Vj SeBas + Dj Dog & the Wireless
Tour 2008