Paul Glabicki

Paul Glabicki

1951 | USA.

His career and creative work have been characterized by highly interdisciplinary activity centered in painting, drawing, and filmmaking, and extending into photography, installation art, video art, sound, and electronic media. His educational background includes a B.F.A. in Painting from Carnegie Mellon University, and two M.F.A. degrees (Painting, Filmmaking) at Ohio University.

His exhibition career has included major film festivals, numerous individual and group screenings, national / international museum and gallery exhibitions. He has also taught and lectured as a visiting artist at institutions throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan.

Much of his work has been involved with issues of time, motion (actual or implied), temporal experience, perception, analytical observation, thresholds of figurative and abstract representation, language systems and semiotics, methods of analysis and interpretation, and transformation of found images or actual sites.

The body of his experimental animation work for film synthesized drawing and painting processes with sound, optical light play, cinematic form, and simultaneous relay of multiple layers of information. These films were carefully crafted by means of thousands of hand-drawn images on paper – each drawing representing both a frame of film and a unique complete work on paper.

Lives in PittsburghˇPA, USA.