Milena Pafundi

Milena Pafundi
vj Linden


Born in Buenos Aires, she starts designing visuals in 2002. As a cinema student at FUC (Film University of Buenos Aires), she undertook courses and seminars on videoart and joined the audiovisual project Tekhnë with Pablo Denegri & Enrique Casal, where she started developing aesthetic proposals for live performances and creating experimental audiovisual pieces.
In 2004 she began combining video with dance, generating hybrid pieces in her collaboration with artists like Miguel Robles, Fabiana Capriotti and Juan Onofri, among others. She currently participates in the Ciclo Sinestesia, a proposal which combines music, video and dance in realtime.
In 2007 se moved to Berlin, where she kept developing her video-art projects and Vj sets.
She currently produces video pieces, seeking to boost up her live performances based on reactive interfaces specially designed for each project. She also creates visuals for live events, dance performances and TV shows.
Milena’s visual menu as a Vj is based on looping textures, urban landscapes and dark, ghostly abstract backgrounds filled with digital and organic imagery. She performed live in various festivals and clubs in Buenos Aires, like Música a la vista, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Pacha, Club Mínimo en Niceto Club, Creamfields, MUTEK, Sinestesia, Fuga Jurásica, onedotzero and many more

Lives in CABA, Argentina.

Vj Linden + Dj Violett
Tour 2010