Mia Makela

Mia Makela

1975 | Finland.

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This renown media + live cinema artist, teacher, investigator and cultural activist from Finland, began her career in 2001 performing visuals as part of the audiovisual improvisational band DADATA. After its dissolution she continued as SOLU, collaborating with many experimental musicians such as Heidi Mortenson and Dj Rupture. Since then she has performed in several festivals around the globe, including Zagreb Biennale of Music, Cimatics-festival [Brussels], the Museum of Contemporary Art [Helsinki, 2003], SONIC ACTS [Amsterdam], SONAR festival [Barcelona], AVIT [Birmingham], MAPPING [Geneve], TRANSIT_MX [Mexico City] and Live Cinema Nights [San José].
In 2004 she launched dorkbot.org in Barcelona presenting “People who do strange things with electricity”. Her latest occupation is PUBLIC.BCN, which concentrates all her audiovisual activities under the same label [workshops, events, AVcommunity, site-specific projects, ideas....]
The style of her experimental music videos, widely exhibited in festivals around the world, ranges from minimal abstractions and strongly processed material to multi-layered ambient landscapes. She processes her visual material using MAX/MSP/JITTER and other programmes like Isadora.

SOLU + SupercineXcene
PyR 2007