Tsvi Oren

Tsvi Oren

1946 | Tel Aviv, Israel.

Studied agriculture (graduated in Bee-keeping), education, economics and graphic design in Israel. Studied animation, photography and print making in Holland. Creating animation since 1971.

First film shown in international festivals: Thready Games, Ottawa 1976. Most recent ones in festivals like “Diary1. 2009. Diary 2, 2010. A.B 1, 2013.

Established Isarel Animation (1977). Co-established Asifa Israel (1985). Established the International Creative Filmmaking Festival (1994). Established the Animation Ctr.–Tel Aviv (1990).

Served as director or chairman in all of the above. Journalist, festivals’ adviser/curator, lecturer (Animation history and theory + hands-on workshops) since 1978.

Member of Asifa International board of directors.

An amateur gardener.

Lives in Israel.

Alef.Bet 1
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