Olga Wroniewicz

Olga Wroniewicz

1980 | Poland.

Olga is a graphic artist and director of abstract animated films. She studied at the Studio of Animated Film of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, at the Faculty of Graphic Arts.

She graduated in 2004 with the film Audiowizualność, which won the Academy Rector’s Award. Currently, she works as an assistant to Daniel Szczechura at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology in Warsaw, and to Hieronim Neumann at the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.

Her activities oscillate between film, music and sound.

Her films often seem quasi musical structures, referring to the achievements of Visual Music and some of her idols’ creations: Oscar Fischinger, Hans Richter and Man Ray.

Lives in Warsaw, Poland.

RVM · PyR 2014
RVM · PyR 2014
Abstract Animation exploring Icelandic Music
RVM · PyR 2014
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Polish Short Film Panorama
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