Ryan Olivier

Ryan Olivier

1985 | New Orleans, USA.

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Ryan Olivier (b. 1985) grew up in the southern United States. Born in New Orleans and moving shortly thereafter, he eventually returned to his birthplace to pursue compositional studies at Loyola University’s College of Music with James Walsh. Upon graduation he journeyed north to study at Temple University where he is currently a doctoral student studying with Maurice Wright.

Ryan has also studied with Samuel Adler in Berlin and with Kevin Puts and Robert Aldridge at the Brevard Music Center. His concert works have been performed by the Momenta Quartet, the Cygnus Ensemble, and the New Orleans New Music Ensemble. As a member of Melos Music, ensemble39 and members of Nonsemble 6 have performed his work on the annual new music concert and is featured on the Melos Music CD series.

In addition to his concert works, his various interests have led him to work with a wide array of media including electronics, video, and dance. His work has been featured at many festivals around the globe.

While Ryan enjoys composing for both traditional concert ensembles and fixed media, he is currently working to incorporate real-time interaction between live performers and visualized electronic music to create interactive multimedia works.

Lives in Philadelphia·PA, USA.

Colorful Movements
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