Bonnie Mitchell

Bonnie Mitchell

1958 | Portland, USA.

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Bonnie Mitchell's research and creative interests include experimental visual music animation, 3D special effects, interactive animated installation artworks, and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Mitchell’s animation and artworks explore spatial and experiential relationships to our physical, social, cultural and psychological environment through time and interaction.

As an experimental animator, Bonnie Mitchell collaborates with Elainie Lillios, an electroacoustic composer. Ms. Mitchell's animations and immersive animated interactive installations have been exhibited at festivals, concerts and art exhibitions such as the Visual Music Marathon in NYC, SIGGRAPH, the Melbourne International Animation Festival, and many more.

Bonnie Mitchell received her MFA in Visual Design from the University of Oregon in 1992 with a focus on computer art and animation.  She is currently a Professor at Bowling Green State University in Digital Arts, in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA. The animation courses she teaches include 2D hand-drawn, stopmotion, experimental and 3D computer animation as well as preproduction and storytelling, special effects, character design.

Lives in Bowling GreenˇOH, USA.

Sweeping Memories
RVM · PyR 2014
Paradigm Shift
PyR 2016