Sabrina Schmid

Sabrina Schmid

Vienna, Austria.

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Animation filmmaker, lecturer and practice-based researcher based in the UK: Senior Lecturer in Animation at the department of Animation and Visual Effects, School of Computing, Teesside University since 2001. Currently she is also a research member of the Institute of Design, Culture and the Arts and curator of “Animex Awards” an international competition for student animations.


Holds a BA and post-grad qualification in Fine Art Painting (aka RMIT Australia) and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Film and Television in Animation (aka Swinburne School of Film and Television, Australia). Has worked in animation since 1986, initially as independent animation filmmaker in Australia and then as freelance animator in Europe. Her early work screened at prestigious international film festivals including Ann Arbor, Mill Valley, Stuttgart, Hiroshima, Melbourne, Sydney, Bilbao, Cinanima-Portugal, Annecy, amongst others.


Teaching in the UK since 2001, she’s continued to focus on animation as an art form and a creative vehicle for artistic expression. Her current research interests are in practice-based animation to explore animation as a versatile art form through computer animation, a medium allowing for experimentation and innovation. Her own recent short animations explore the potential of the abstract form in animation using digital technology. The recent animation 'Abstract Iterations II' (2015) has been selected  at the London International Animation Festival 2015 (UK) New York City Independent Film Festival 2016 (USA), Sydney Film Festival 2016 (Australia), Melbourne International Animation Festival 2016 (Australia), Anibar International Animation Festival 2016 (Kosovo), Animaze: Montreal International Animation Film Festival (Canada) and the Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016 (Canada). Previous abstract animations have achieved international recognition through selection at international festivals including Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival 2015 & 2014 (South Korea), Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015 & 2014 (Australia), Punto Y Raya Festival 2014 Reykjavik (Iceland), at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival 2013, Women’s Independent Film Festival 2013, California International Shorts 2013 (USA)  and at the Punto Y Raya Festivals in 2011 and 2009 (Spain).

She has also given academic presentations, most recently at the Symposium Scanner II Animafest Zagreb 2015 (Croatia); the First International Symposium of Abstract Art in Motion – Punto Y Raya Academy 2015 (Madrid, Spain); The Cosmos of Animation – 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Animation Studies 2016 (Singapore).

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