Carmen Lloret

Carmen Lloret

1952 | Valencia, Spain.

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Multidisciplinary fine artist and animator. Her fundamental goal is the theorical research and plastic expression of Motion. Her work has been exhibited in 135 collective and solo shows in Portugal, Chile, England, Switzerland, Mexico and Taiwan. She's been awarded 34 Fine Art awards, and her works is exhibited in various  public and private collections.

Professor at the University of Motion and Animation (1998) of the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV). PhD in Fine Arts by the UPV (1985). Teaching for over 36 years in the mentioned disciplines at various national and international universities. She's participated in numerous animation meetings in La Habana (Cuba), Bratislava (Slovakia), Annecy (Francia), and more.

Her animation films Sinsis, Es nuestro paisaje  & Querido planeta have been selected to participate in various international festivals.

Lives in Spain.

RVM · PyR 2014